Depression doesn't Need to be like this


Unlock the Secrets to building resilience
and greater relationships

Do you find yourself wanting to help a person, but not knowing how? 
Not knowing what to say or do?

Do you find yourself being pushed away or misunderstood?

If you experience depression, do you find yourself, wanting help, but not knowing how to seek help? 

Do you push others away for fear of them getting too close? 

Are you ready to unlock the secrets to what depression is, what it looks and feels like, and key to help you build greater relationships and support a person, along with keys to support yourself if you experience depression.

Through this course, Sue Cartwright, Author, Speaker and Coach, takes you on a journey of exploring depression and how you can build a greater understanding of depression and build greater relationships.

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Don't Let depression Destroy your relationship

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Unlocking the secrets of Depression and building resilience and greater relationships

What is Depression?

Depression is a common illness.

According to the World Health Organisation, 5% of the adult population experience  depression, but I believe a greater number of people are affected by their relationships with somebody who is experiencing depression. 

These relationships may include:

Friend's and family
Colleagues and Employees

Depression can be a killer

Depression can leave a person feeling lonely, isolated, reluctant to trust. 

Depression can be treated, not only by professional help, but can be helped by greater support and understanding from friends and family. 

Left untreated, or left feeling lonely and isolated, depression their depression can lead to a greater pain, and for some thoughts of suicide. 


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Disclaimer: This course does not enable you to diagnose depression, this can only be done by a professional. But it enables you to be a greater friend, colleague, employer, as you gain insight into what Depression looks and feels like and how you can build greater relationships.